While I do post on FB and other social media outlets it feels a little different when you are actually pressing for the empire you want to build.

So here I am talking about a “brand”, while not new in another country — Philippines it is new to the USA. I decided to create this medium for my own insights for the mere reason I should share what I feel about the brand and why I decided to be a co-owner/strategic partner.Being a 1st time entrepreneur — but not new to business does have its nervousness but most of all I love the excitement.

  1. The Amazing Playground is a streetwear brand that originates from the Philippines. The founder Amis Quizon Tumang is a passionate designer and businessman,he built this brand from ground up.Through FB, we have been in contact, the conclusion was he needed someone to assist and redirect all the “unwanted” noise. I chose to invest and become a strategic partern for one reason: I BELIEVE in the brand.( I also have been messaging him every year for 5 years to invest and bring the brand here:))
  2. GRIT. The brand itself, inclusive of Amis, has been through a lot — and that is pertaining to setbacks. However, time after time GRIT perserveres and the brand stayed ahead. I am unwavering in what I do once I beleive in something- I am all about that GRIT. I do feel though once you repeat an error from the past you need to look within and alter that state of action and thought so it teaches you to not make the same error.
  3. PASSION. Everyone can be taught skills or learn something. Passion is an emotion and cannot be taught outright but it can be contagious as long as you are all about what you are doing — your peers and people around you will feel that and it will impart on them.
  4. TRANSPARENCY. In any fucntional and successful business being transparent with your peers and employees but most of all your customers will lead you to the right way. Listening is key to my employees and customers this will ensure that both products and producing of products are to its highest possible standards.
  5. CARING. This word may have many meanings, in my world I mean to take care of my customers — by listening to what they want or even giving them what they want before knowing it.Employees — making sure they feel good about what they are doing and are inline with the goal of the company which is to take care of the customers. Partner — to believe in him and stay believing in the brand. Afterall I joined my partner first because I beleive in the brand which he embodies.

Well I’ll stop here for now, as you can see I did not dive into the “operations” piece — that will be forthcoming.

If you have any feedback please let me know. Hit that like button and share! Have an AMAZING day!!