Dako Builds

Dako Builds. I’ve been tinkering with cars since I was 19. I had handful of nice builds to start off with. As I got older I was able to spend more time on certain builds to get what I wanted personally. Whether custom parts needed to be done or just a “maverick build”.

As I furthered along builds I noticed some companies and certain individuals not meeting timelines and needs. At times even taking hard earned money without results.This can be in anyone’s case.

With Dako Builds we are here to share good and not so good experiences but moreso dwell on companies and individuals that have integrity and deliver. This will help assist those looking to do a build, partner with companies and individuals successfully.

Dako510 is our first for Dako Builds, companies and individuals involved are not sponsors. However Dako Builds will carry some products and services offered—we feel this will lessen the gap on seeking that “right” company or individual.

This website and social media outlets will be a platform to integrate consumers and suppliers by taking out all the “noise” involved with a build. Results are a build that is well thought out and also within responsible timeline.

Dako means “Big”. It is also the first two letters of DAtsun and Ko means “mine”.

Let every build be “big” in its own way and be proud of it because its is something you call “mine”.

Please hit me up for any questions or if you would like feedback or assistance with your build.

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