The Amazing Playground



March 23, 2010


Follow your bliss. These are the words and the guiding principle that made Amis Quizon Tumang decided to create The Amazing Playground. A clothing line that serves both the Ready To Wear (RTW) and Made To Order (MTO) market.



The Amazing Playground (TAP) was founded on the 23rd of March 2010 as a product of Amis love for arts and basketball. He graduated Business Management and Entrepreneurship (San Beda College) in 2000 and worked for more than four years at Navitaire Int'l – a consulting and auditing firm. While in San Beda, his love for arts was evident being the Art Editor of Business Perspective and The Bedan. He also won awards on drawing competitions during high school at Concepcion Catholic School in Concepcion Tarlac – where he was also awarded Artist Of The Year.


Amis also played basketball and was a consistent varsity player from grade school until he decided to stop playing due to health problems. He won awards and was regarded in his local community in Tarlac. Before he was about to play on a national amateur league, Amis was told he had a (venial) pneumonia.


While working at Navitaire, Amis kept on contemplating on how he would see himself on the years to come. To himself he can't just leave his first loves – arts and basketball – and just go on on his comfort zone. Being employed provides security and he knows that if he decided to quit his job and proceed to either painting or basketball his future will be at risk.



For Amis, as long as you follow the desire of your heart and the calling of your soul, nothing will go wrong. There will be roadblocks, heartbreaks – but he knows, at the end of the day as long as you follow your bliss it's always a win-win situation. You can't lose.


While facing the drama from his previous company (Playground Sportswear), Amis decided to pursue what he started - and build a brand that will provide quality service and world class products. He now learned his lesson and he promised himself not to repeat the mistakes his previous company just encountered. Thus the creation of The Amazing Playground



The Amazing Playground cater both the Ready To Wear (RTW) and Made To Order (MTO) market. For the RTW, most of the products are Philippine inspired (Jackets, Tee's, Jersey's and Shorts) and promotes positive values. Some of our local celebrities and athletes already worn the brand.


On the MTO, The Amazing Playground makes customized sports uniforms from basketball to any organized sports. TAP also makes customize Jackets, Jogging Pants and print Shirts. It already served most of the colleges, universities and high schools around the Metro and nearby provinces. San Beda College, Assumption College and University Of The Philippines are part of the favorite clients.


TAP also collaborated with some of our local brands and artists.



Amis credit his education from San Beda College to what he had accomplished and to how people see him as a person. He will never forget the words of Mr. Anthony Pangilinan during his speech in San Beda - “work hard to be liked” - things will be a lot easier when people like, trust and respects you.



Amis believes that The Amazing Playground has the potential to be the face of the local sportswear in the global market. As of now, his inspirations – Adidas and Nike – are the leaders in the market. He hopes that one day, a Filipino brand will stand side by side with these international names.