Get Back Up

Posted by Donald Celso on

The Amazing Playground–whilst new to many we have been around since 2010. A strategic partnership formed February of this year has lead to many revelations, moreso a step in the right direction.

Our company’s name derived from Rucker’s Park–a stomping ground to prove oneself. Get Back Up is what we are doing, founder Amis Quizon Tumang has been going through some struggles the past year, together with successes.Weary of the pitfalls Amis knew he had to get back up, but this time having pitfalls that hurt the company can no longer happen.Himself and his team–the “family” have been steadfast through all the trials.

After converstions through Facebook I decided to meet Amis at the home store in Quezon City. There we talked and strategically putting myself in the middle of it all to balance, redirect and grow the company with Amis and the team. The past few months have been busy but fun. Launching the brand here in the US has its challenges. While known in the Philippines we aren’t as known here so kicking it off can be slow but we will rely on social media and also Filipino communities to help expose the brand. A lot of communication has happened between the two strong minded and hearted entrepreneurs–thus making the brand stronger internally.

We do not have a physical store front yet here in the US but decided to refocus our energy into designs,production, building a ecommerce business and our employees. This is where all the hardwork will pay off. As we near our online launch date, the sense of excitement is in the air. We feel and know that out streetwear brand will attract different markets. Moreso we listen and will listen to our customers to better our products. We will disrupt the market –we are the leader.

One thing both Amis and I have learned, to take care of our people-employees; they make the real difference.

Amazing it is and will be!!

*Originally published on May 9, 2016